We are a full-fledged media agency. Media synchronized, both old and new media. We are created for the new era of marketing communications. And in the new era, MEDIA is the center stage. Media of the new era has to do with merging of both online and offline, recognizing the value of robust data and the importance of content led strategies. Beautiful integration of bought, owned and earned media to deliver maximum visibility and impact for our Client’s campaigns.

The company was registered on 27th of January 2004 as MediaShare and started operation in 2005 migrating from the Prima Garnet Ogilvy media operations. MediaShare Nigeria’s team consists of 15 media professionals.


  • We nurture people and ideas.
  • We defy convention and deplore mediocrity.
  • We are interested in everything.
  • In our business and in our relationships, nothing is more important than integrity.
  • We dream, and everyday, we strive to turn these dreams into reality.
  • We live by the work we do, stand by the results we achieve, and thrive in the trust we cultivate.

MEDIA Strategy

We are an ideas company. We believe creative ideas sell everything and anything. Strategically helping  businesses capture the attention of its niche market through in-depth consumer analytics/insights (target audience), set SMART objectives, comparing results with actions in other to provide valuable data that can be implemented into future media strategies. We come up with effective media strategy that specifically dissects elements such as the media mix, target market, seasonality, geographic coverage, creative aspects & mood while being flexible and within reasonable budget considerations.

MEDIA Planning

There are several ways of putting across your message within the media you utilize but we are uniquely able to identify the “best” approach for all your media placements. We utilize creative Media planning to ensure proper targeting by scheduling using metrics such as  Environmental scan, Understanding the audience, Identifying media consumption patterns, Determination of content and the element of effective Control.

MEDIA Buying

Media buying is sometimes defined as  simply procurement of media exposure. We however go a step further to deliver value to our clients by ensuring effective advertising mileage (Reach & Frequency) for better return on investment (ROI) through our optimal placement and cost effective buying. We also buy media with the most effective and world-class tools.We Collaborate, Plan, Crunch numbers, Negotiate, Crunch more numbers, Negotiate more and Crack deals (Media Clout). We believe the best plans can fail if not implemented properly so we ensure that our client campaigns are effectively monitored to ensure above the industry accepted standards in terms of compliance.